300313 Grandad[‘]s Veg Patch

By March 30, 2013 zBlog Archives

There is now so much stuff around to evoke feelings of nostalgia and I too am a fan. I love retro photography, retro music and am waiting for flared trousers to come back into fashion (particularly those with triangles inserted in the seam!). Just looking around the house, I have a faux Victorian bread-bin, a peg tin that comes from the middle of the last century and keep the washing capsules in a box that displays a picture of a beaming housewife advertising a product from Port Sunlight. I don’t really understand why – it’s hardly a longing to swap the Bosch state-of-the-art washing machine for the good old days of hand-washing and a mangle! Anyway, the coffee shop displays its fruit in this wooden box, probably devised to convey the subliminal message that it is good, fresh and healthy. I’m afraid I couldn’t get past the missing apostrophe though.

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