020213 Fruit and Veg

Another contribution to my time-capsule. The vegetable shop. The small specialist shops are disappearing as the supermarkets increase their product range. Hands up those who remember Fine Fare – something of an oxymoron with hindsight, but those were the days when an hors d’oeuvre of Britvic orange juice from a tin washed down with a glass of Piat d’Or was the height of sophistication. Yes, supermarket life was very different before Waitrose and its arrival on the High St with such exotica as pasta, olive oil and kiwi fruit. Today’s questions for those opening the time capsule are: (1) Does proper food still exist or is it all in tablet form, as the sic-fi films have been predicting for years? (2) Has global warming and carbon footprinting been disproved, so you have food from all over the world, or has the situation become so intolerable that only local foods are allowed? (3) Are there any shops left or is all shopping done on-line (or by whatever the 22nd Century version of the internet is)?

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