18.00 to 19.00

By January 27, 2013 London 1853, Uncategorized

Still one of my favourites from the marathon, simply because I do love London.  As we found out, some 21 hours later, the capital is alive morning, noon and night.  What makes it tick will be gradually revealed over the next pix in this hourly blog.  But what happened between 18.00 and 19.00? Having left Downing Street, we headed up to Trafalgar Square, along Pall Mall, up Waterloo Place and into Regent Street.  The intention was to spend some time at Picadilly Circus shooting the neon lights, the people and anything else that grabbed our attention.  I don’t quite know what’s happened to the advertising hoarding at Picadilly C, but it is about a million lumens stronger than it used to be.  There is this weird effect of bright light and total darkness.  A photographer’s nightmare, in other words.  However, it didn’t spoil our fun and we managed to grab a shot of Coventry Street as well, so the Monopoly board was beginning to take shape.

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