17.00 to 18.00

By January 26, 2013 London 1853, Uncategorized

Because it’s winter and because the sky was so heavy with snow, it got dark very quickly – well not really dark, but a sort of horrible mustard greyish colour. Anyway, it felt a lot later than it was and we felt as though we had been out for hours, so decided on a quick refreshment break at the Red Lion. This was a very good idea indeed – not only did it allow for warming the cockles, but it gave us a chance to start getting to know the people that we would be spending a lot of the next 24 hours with – Mark (who we already knew), Michael (who we’d met), Andrew, Sanj and Junior. Suitably refreshed, we headed off down Whitehall, making a quick photo stop at No 10 (well the end of the road) where a very nice policeman warned us three girls about taking the night bus alone. Two down, twenty-two to go!

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